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Sunday, December 25, 2011


 New Lead Trumpet Program!
This program is designed for the non- lead trumpeter thinking of becoming a lead trumpet player AND The Professional Lead Trumpet Player wanting to move up to the final frontier of Lead Trumpet Playing: ROB MCCONNELL, MAYNARD FERGUSON, DUKE ELLINGTON'S HARDEST CHARTS, CAT ANDERSON, BUDDY RICH, BILL CHASE, BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS, CHICAGO, MICHAEL JACKSON, AL JARREAU, EARTH WIND AND FIRE, MIAMI SOUND MACHINE!

This is not your Father's Leave It To Beaver WOODCHOPPER'S BALL kinda Lead Trumpet Playing! NOPE!

Please CLICK HERE for an hour tutorial in High Definition and overview of this 3 month long online trumpet program!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Trumpet Lessons from the loveable Clint Mclaughlin or POPS as he likes to be called

Take some online trumpet lessons

Trumpet College will improve your playing
My trumpet lessons and trumpet books have been mentioned and quoted in clinics, dissertations, forums, magazines, other books, web sites and even youtube videos. Many of my trumpet students play and teach professionally and some have written books. Come take a trumpet lesson from the teacher they keep talking about.

I have 1 unique ability.
I can take a complex issue
and explain it in simple terms.
I do that in these new
Ebook Video Lesson Courses.

Sell my ebooks and make money.

I am selling my Trumpet books as Ebooks now.
I have the 9 Trumpet Ebook set (700+ pages) for 140 (saves 49 off full price.)
The 9 Trumpet Ebook set, 3 hour video multimedia Ecourse, and 5 subliminal files (sleep learning) for 220 (saves 79 off full price.)
The 9 Trumpet Ebook set, 6 hour audio trumpet course, and 5 subliminal files (sleep learning) for 220(saves 79 off full price.)
The 9 Trumpet Ebook set, 3 hour video multimedia Ecourse, 6 hour audio course and 5 subliminal files (sleep learning) for 260 (saves 119 off full price.)
Web cam Trumpet lessons on Skype are 100 for an hour lesson.
9 Trumpet Ebook set, 3 hour video multimedia Ecourse, 6 hour audio trumpet course, 5 subliminal files (sleep learning) and 1 hour web cam trumpet lesson for 330 (saves 149 off full price. It is like getting a 1 hour lesson and 3 books for free.)
Order trumpet books online to improve your playing.

Check out my article in the March 2010 issue of The International Trumpet Guild Journal. And My ITG Journal Jr. Article Jan 2008.

I answer Trumpet questions on my Facebook page at: Pops McLaughlin Facebook Trumpet Lessons page.

This is GREAT ! Trumpet 101.
If you're having trouble with endurance... listen and practice this.
Thanks Pops for spreading the gospel.
Bill Churchville ..... 6 Tours with Tower of Power.

I am pleased and honored to have my books, ideas and teaching mentioned and quoted and to have this site listed in the TOP 10 Trumpet sites in these books:

"Tongue Level & Air"
by Eric Bolvin
"Sound the Trumpet: How to Blow Your Own Horn"
by Jonathan Harnum
"Trumpet Greats"
"Trumpet Pedagogy"
by David Hickman
"Embouchure Enhancement" books
by Roddy Lewis
"Trumpeting by Nature: An Efficient Guide to Optimal Trumpet Performance"
by Jeanne, G Pocius 
as well as in the International Trumpet Guild Journal, Overture, Windplayer many dissertationsand even several Utube teaching videos done by other teachers.

College students make years of progress in one lesson:
In two weeks my range has improved more than it has in 6 years, not to mention the improvements in tone, and endurance, which have been immense.
I have students improve at all ages:
Hi Pops...because of you and your books, my playing has NEVER been better, and I'll be 75 next month. Range, endurance...the works!
People who were desperate are given hope:
Everything you showed me has helped incredibly. People that know me couldn't believe what a lesson could do. I basically was down to the point where I couldn't play at all. I would have given it up if someone had not suggested I come to see you.
Comeback Players get it together:
I am excited about playing the trumpet again! I now have a practical approach for my individual embouchure. Spending time with you was an enlightening experience.
After reading, studying, and practicing the exercises from your books my trumpet playing went to a whole new level. My tone, intonation, and high range have never sounded better.
Things have gone well. Range, flexibility and endurance all much improved since the lesson. It has helped a great deal.
You're lesson has given me direction and more importantly....given me the knowledge to cut through all the BS on the internet.

Here is a clip of Me playing part of the Hummel up 2 octaves. I start on F over High C and end on A over Double C.
Andrea Tofanelli & Greg Kuehn playing a duet. Andrea and I spent the day discussing embouchure and playing some exercises.
Rex Merriweather is in LA and has done Club, Studio, TV and Movie work. Years ago Rex came and told me that he wanted to be a pro.
Anne King is another LA musician. She has had many TV appearances and done tours with Guns and Roses, Don Henley, Ray Charles...
What can a trumpet lesson or a book really do?

I have trumpet professors quote me in print:
I finished a 500+ page book called "Trumpet Pedagogy: A Compendium of Modern Teaching Techniques." I have referenced many of your books.
David Hickman ..... Professor at ASU and past President of the ITG.

Teachers write trumpet books after taking lessons:
Doing great man! Your stuff really helped me. The tongue level thing is great. Guess I just kind of lost my way with it over the years since I did study with Claude. Anyway, working on a new book for students devoted entirely to tongue levels. Will give you props of course!
Eric Bolvin ..... Editor of Studio column for "ITG Journal", author "Tongue Level & Air"

Pops: You have single-handedly given me the confidence and the ability to meet - EXCEED my wildest dreams. When I first came to you I never would have believed I would tour with Maynard Ferguson!!!
Keith Fiala ..... Formerly with Maynard Ferguson, author of "Secrets To Efficient Brass Playing"

It was only after reading/playing your books, did I get the range thing!
Roddy Lewis ..... Author of "Embouchure Enhancement" books 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Pros talk about it:
I met "POPS" on the Internet and he helped me through some frustrating problems that I was struggling with on the horn.
Herb Alpert ..... Sold 80 Million records, Grammy winner, star on Hollywood walk of fame.

Hey Pops, keep up the good work. Even us "old pros" need a little help every now and then. I check in with your site regularly. Thanks.
Bill Churchville ..... 6 Tours with Tower of Power.

Pops: I'm so glad I got your books - some great stuff in there for every trumpet player!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Kiku Collins ..... Recordings, tours with Beyonce, Michael Bolton...

Many, many thanks to you and your knowledge of the trumpet and the embouchure. It has helped me immeasurably since my lesson with you!
Mark Curry ..... Mouthpiece maker, former lead for Woody Herman, and Ray Charles.

Pops; Your book is just fantastic and thank you for inviting me to offer up some of my thoughts on the subject. Congratulations on a job well done.
John Haynie ..... Professor Emeritus University of North Texas 1950-1990

Slideshow image 

Mouthpiece buzzing to triple high C (2 octaves above high C.)
Aperture Tunnel and Buzzing.
Me explaining the air kick exercises from my 30 minute a day book to Andrea Tofanelli and Greg Kuehn.
Me reminding Keith Wood about stomach air kicks.
Me working with Keith Wood on Brandenberg II.
Pops The Trumpet Cop. A new cartoon series that explains playing techniques.
Keith Fiala told me several years ago that he wanted to play with Maynard; we had some work to do; but he made it. Keith has also written a book at
Pops: You have single-handedly given me the confidence and the ability to meet - EXCEED my wildest dreams. When I first came to you I never would have believed I would tour with 
Maynard Ferguson!!!
Keith Fiala
More Pros comment.
"Clint McLaughlin is one of the leading experts on embouchure. His books discuss many of the embouchures used by leading trumpet players. I consider his publications excellent resources!"
David Hickman ..... Regents' Professor of trumpet at Arizona State University, past President of the International Trumpet Guild and author of "Trumpet Pedagogy".

It is absolutely wonderful!!! May be the most complete book on embouchure ever compiled. You have done trumpet players a wonderful service!
Bill Knevitt ..... Author of a dozen trumpet books.

Check out Pop's trumpet books. This guy knows what he is talking about and can write it!!!! Thanks for all your intelligent advice.
Jim Manley ..... High note artist, recording star.
If they don't get it from reading this; then they should take up the sax.
Leon Merian ..... 60 years of pro trumpet playing.

Clint McLaughlin has distilled a lifetime of knowledge into these volumes--_PRACTICAL_ knowledge which deserves to be put into use in every trumpeter's practice room/studio. Don't waste any more time searching for the *ultimate guide to trumpet playing*. It has already been done.
Jeanne G Pocius ..... Embouchure Clinician and author of "Trumpeting by Nature".

You have said two things which have really helped me and have brought about an instant improvement in my trumpet playing. It's all 20% easier! So thanks again for your positive contribution to the brass world.
Eddie Severn ..... Recording star, teacher, and author of "Trumpet Solutions".

I think you're doing a great service for the brass community. I once heard that the art of teaching is in finding out how to explain the same thing in different ways to have it hit home for each individual student.
Matt Shulman ..... Trumpet Player, Composer, Inventor of the ShulmanSystem for Brass.